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Squish Squash Squeeze!

Picture: Little Tiger Press
Squish Squash Squeeze!
from Tracey Corderoy
with pictures from Jane Chapman
32 pages
first published 
ISBN: 978-1848691896
Little Tiger Press
A story about courage and friendship
for kids 2+
Information from the publisher:
"Mouse thinks he’s found the perfect new house. But who’s that growling by the piano? And who’s that snapping in the bathtub? Soon, the house is bursting at the seams. What a squish-squash-squeeze!" 

The mouse has found a great house in which she wants to move. She puts her seven things on a small cart and sets off. Arriving at the house, the mouse first settles down at home but suddenly it is disturbed by a terrible roar. A huge bear wants it to disappear immediately because it is too tight in the house when a mouse lives in it. But our mouse does not bother that at all. It would be too ridiculous if a little mouse in such a big house with room for a bear could not find a place to eat. And so they go to the bathroom to deposit some of their personal belongings. You do not believe what you are grinning grimly at. A big crocodile lies in the bathtub and isn't verry amused from having to share the place with a mouse when the bear lives in the house and that is not the only roommate of the crocodile. But whoever the mouse meets  in the house she isn't afraid of them.  Our little mouse is completely fearless and courageous.
After all problems they try to live together but suddenly something unexpected happens that makes everyone fear, even our fearless mouse. There is no need for fear here and there will be more space for the unusual flat in the future. But, as it happens, you have to discover it yourself as always. Not only a wonderful, courageous story awaits you, but also great, colorful, funny pictures full of dynamism that are very intense due to the differences in size.
And since the event, which I do not yet betray, is especially complete, there is also a very plastic impression of the situation in the form of a pop-up image that opens when you turn it over by magic.
The children love Jane Chapman's vivid illustrations, and not without reason. She knows how to inspire her little readers and you can feel how much love she puts her pictures, every single character, on paper.

Therefore, her picture books are always a special treat.