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Molly's Moon Mission

Picture Templar publishing
Molly's Moon Mission
from Duncan Beedie
40 Pages
07 June 2019
ISBN: 978-1787413405
Templar publishing

Informations from the publisher
"Molly the moth lives in the back of an old wardrobe. She loves her home and her family but she yearns for adventure. So by day she helps her mother look after the larvae, and by night she prepares for her space mission to the MOON!

It's no easy feat for a little moth to fly all the way to the moon - but Molly is not a moth to give up on her dreams." 

A particularly impressive story about determination and couragefor children from 3 years
Little moth Molly lives with her mother and siblings in a spacious wardrobe. Molly is a lovely little moth who loves her family and she has a dream. Molly wants to fly to the moon. The mother dismisses this as a flue, tries to explain to her young daughter that this will probably remain a dream, but Molly cannot be demotivated by it. During the day she helps her mother and in the evening and at night, she prepares for her lunar mission. A few days later, the launch succeeds, Molly shoots the light, the moon and lands, but it is not the moon she reached. A parlor fly explains to her where she actually died. She, too, doesn't think it's possible that Molly will reach the moon, but Molly believes in herself, keeps her target in mind, she flies on and lands again on what she thinks is the moon and again she is taught to someone else. Thus the little moth flies from one large light to the next always in the assumption that this is the moon. Their determination and courage are very admirable. Surely there are moments with Molly that she doubts and sadly is, but there is no giving up for her and actually Molly manages to do it. But what she finds is as different as she imagined and she misses her family until she is suddenly almost buried under a giant shoe. The astronaut Molly encounters is very surprised. A moth on the moon, he would not have expected. But who now believes that the story is the end, who is mistaken, now it really starts, because molly has a lot to do as the first space moth. What exactly she does there and whether she finds her back to her family, I don't tell you, after all, you have to discover something yourself.
It is a wonderful story, with fantastic images that, through the most varied angles and proportions, beautifully illustrate how almost impossible it must be for a small moth to reach the moon. Especially beautiful are the many surprises that are waiting for you as a viewer, because just like Molly we are left by the picture bookmaker in the assumption that the light lands on the Molly, or that she is actually aiming for the moon. The resolution takes place only when flipping. In addition, the book captivates with large-format illustrations over a double page in combination with smaller image sequences in a series that capture Molly's bustle wonderfully and provide a dynamic of the action.
The moon fascinates as long as there are humans. The desire to fly to the moon has a lot and even if this moon mission is only meant to show the children that seemingly impossible is possible if one believes in it, it is also exactly the flight to the moon of the children enthusiastic.
Our reading children all had their own ideas of a flight to the moon and life on the moon. How to fly to the moon today, most people know from the media, not least through the mission of
Alexander Gerst, but life on the moon imagines it differently.
In the story, she was also fascinated by the witty narrative language and the traditional saying adapted to the story, such as "A small step for a little moth!!? "
The message of the story is clearly recognizable and arrives very intensively with the children even without further discussions.
The heart of the reading children has taken Molly by storm. Amazing what such a small moth can awaken for strong feelings.