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Little People BIG DREAMS Frida Kahlo

Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Little People BIG DREAMS
Frida Kahlo
from Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
pictures Gee Fan Eng
32 Pages
ISBN: 978-184780770
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

A child-friendly portrait of an extraordinary Mexican artist and woman
for all from 3+
This wonderful picture book about the Mexican born artist Frida Kahlo appears in the series "Little People BIG DREAMS" and tells a lot about the life of this special woman who had to deal with pain for much of her life She had to lie down and photograph herself in her pictures. There is doubt without the design and clarity of the book with which it succeeds in a few short sentences to tell everything essential and important about this particular woman. The impressive, also very clear and sensitive illustrations amplify, visualize and tell little stories on the sidelines.
There's a lot to tell about Frida Kahlo, and yet it's not that much. In any case not too much for a picture book, not too much for a children's book that can appeal and fascinate even children from 3 years old. The author Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara manages to portray Frida Kahlo's life and work extensively and intensively, and of course by supporting the impressive illustrations of Malaysian illustrator Gee Fan Eng, who combines her own style of illustration with many Frida Kahlo elements. If you hit the book as an adult, then flick through it again and pay attention to the amount of text you can hardly believe that so little was said with so little text. That's exactly what this book and everyone else in the series is all about. Narrative images with a clear and intense text that makes it possible to tell a lot in a few words. Narrative and illustrated stories work and work hand in hand and interweave into an intense whole.
In this case, we learn more about the life of Frida Kahlo from her childhood, in which she was always different due to illness as the others, in which she had to spend long periods in bed and began to paint. Of a young girl who often dresses like a boy who likes to play football and once dreamed of studying medicine, but then became a famous painter, but she was ailing all her life. Who expressed her feelings and her life in self-portraits, who fell madly in love with a painter and yet never really happy with him, for a long time in his shadow. But even if her dream to become a doctor was not true and her life was not easy, she had an unrestrained will to live and also in her way joy of life that shaped her life motto "life is a celebration, friends celebrate it!" Today, her pictures are known all over the world as she herself became her own trademark through her self-portraits. Her pictures reflect the bright colors of Mexico and the thick bushy, almost full eyebrows are immediately linked to her.
Whoever thinks that little children can not understand yet, wrong! Through the special narrative language and the pictures even the little ones understand everything.
The book is more than a picture book for the younger ones. It is a book that grows with you because of the large, clear pamphlet in which the letters are clearly separated from each other and also a larger line spacing was selected, even beginners can easily read the story itself. Short sentences and a few difficult words also contribute to an easy reading. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, the vocabulary is extended along the way. Older children, thanks to a more detailed legend with more information, have the opportunity to learn more and more intensively.