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The Snowiest Christmas Ever!

Little Tigers Press
The Snowiest Christmas Ever!
from Jane Chapman
32 pages
frist published 3.Oct. 2019
ISBN: 973-1788813907
Little Tiger Press
A Christmas in the snow, who wouldn't want that?
A cheerful Christmas story
for kids 2+

Information from the publisher:
"It’s Christmas time and snowflakes swirl around the bears’ cosy cabin.
“Yippee!” cheer the bear cubs. “More snow!
More snow!”
And sure enough, the snow gets deeper . . .
and deeper. But soon it’s right up to the windows! Will it EVER stop?" 

We all love Jane Chapman's picture books because she talks with great sensitivity and love about things in a child's life that move or matter to them.
Who doesn't want a white Christmas?
Year after year, we look forward to the weather report always in the hope of white Christmas. 
 The little bear children have never spent christmas in the snow, this year it just has to be like that.
And in fact, just before Christmas eve it starts to snow. But what happens then really no one, even the bear papa, would have expected.
It snows and snows and snows and snows....
and does not stop at all.
Soon it is so much that the snow comes in through the letterbox flap in the door. Opening the windows to get outside is also not a good idea. Meanwhile, the white splendor lies up to the window and of course the snow immediately falls into the room in a quite large amount. No problem for the little bears, they make something new out of the snow...….only their dad doesn't like it so much. Snow in the house isn't such a good idea. Suddenly there is a loud rumbling from the chimney. Santa Claus ? Unfortunately, no. Because what suddenly comes through the fireplace into the room is not Santa Claus but, you guessed, it is snow. How can Santa now bring the gifts?
What they do to get the fireplace free again or if it succeeds at all and whether the two get a gift, you have to discover for yourself.
Just as beautiful as the story itself are the pictures, which tell much more and make them really alive. Emotionally in colors with a wonderful facial expression and gesture, Jane Chapman manages to captivate her readers and take them into a world that warms their hearts and puts them in an absolute Christmas spirit.

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