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Picture: Lemniscaat
Picture by Lemniscaat
28 pages
1.published 05.July 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1788070232
Mark Janssen tells a wonderful story accompanied by magical images
for children from 4 years

Informations from the publisher
"Shipwreck! A father, daughter and their dog wash up on a small island. Little do the castaways know that the island isn't what it seems at all. The island shows the family the wonders of life at sea. Colourful fish dart in the waves and birds swoop in the sky. Island life is full of the unexpected. The island protects the family against all kinds of dangers, from tropical storms to arctic snow. Menacing animals lurk underwater, too. The island has its own secret, too. Eventually, the family is rescued. And there's a heart - warming surprise when the little girl says farewell to the large kind turtle - the real island - whose shell has provided the family with their happy island home. Island is a wordless picture book. Children are encouraged to study the wonderful illustrations and tell the story in their own words. Mark Janssen 's painterly illustrations come alive on the page. Sun hits the water and sparkles. Splashes of paint become shoals of fish. This is a charming picture book full of imagination"
This time Mark Jannsen lets his silent protagonist, a sea turtle, tell a wonderful story. Once again, the brilliant illustrator has succeeded in fascinating, enchanting small and large readers with a wonderful story and fantastic pictures.
There's a small boat is in distress in a storm. The boat belongs to Sophie and her father. Together with her dog they spent a nice day at sea but then comes strong wind on which getting stronger and stronger, the boat breaks. A hopeless situation, however, they discover a small island in the middle of the ocean. With last strength they save themselves on this little spot and sleep. They have no idea that they are actually stranded on a large sea turtle, which takes care of the three touchingly. Their high-curved tank "the island" remains home for little Sophie, the father and the dog for a long time. Homeland that the turtle gives them even though it remains undiscovered. The father builds a house on the island. A lot of time passes. The turtle always takes care not to move much so that nothing happens to its guests. She tries to protect the three as best she can and that is not always easy, as we can experience on the impressive pictures. Autumn, with violent storms, sea creatures larger than the shields could be a danger. Winter makes the small island almost frozen. In the spring it gets colorful, many birds come by and then the summer comes and with it a ship, now the turtle moves because the ship offers the possibility that Sophie and her father can come home.
Mark Janssen captures this moment when the ship takes in the shipwrecked, I find particularly fascinating. in the lower part the turtle in many iridescent blue sea colors, then the small green island in the middle of an orange environment, which seems to us as if the evening sun had dipped everything in warm colors and at the top very small ones we see people waving. Only when we have managed to perceive these people (and this is very late) do we realize that it is not the evening red that envelops the island, but the hull of a ship. This experience of images is what makes Mark Janssen's illustrations so special. Nothing is as it seems at first glance. Only the second or third glance reveals reality.
You want to know how the story goes on?
I'm not betraying you yet, just as much as there's a particularly magical, very emotional, very wonderful moment when it becomes clear that Sophie had more attachment to her sanctuary than we might have suspected. If you look closely at the picture, you will discover something that may confuse you, but it is the key to the end of the story.
This picture book is again one of those who are guarded like a treasure, who always take it to hand, never lay it far away and who probably accompanies you for a lifetime.
It is a picture book, made for children, but basically we are all children at all times. Children of our parents, no matter how old we are, we remain children. With this wonderful picture book, we adults also immerse ourselves in a world that makes you calm, that inspires, that inspires to dream, that simply makes you happy.
Even though my reading children love this book (which we have had so far in English) about everything and since then turtles are a big topic with us when the children paint freely, it is also a book that is loved by adults. Maybe even a little more, a little different from the children.
A work of art that not only tells children a story!